J.Louis is probably the guy getting himself the most virgin powder runs in France at the moment!


Saint Arneault 165

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J.Louis Saint Arneault's pro model

J.Louis is probably the guy getting himself the most virgin powder runs in France at the moment!

  • Cyrano Nose
  • Karate Core
  • Get High Camber
  • Ace of Act 2018: Best Snowboard Freeride

First member of "the furlan family", Jean Louis comme from the land of pillows: Canada. He abandoned his pro-surfer career to come and live in La Grave where locals quickly got used to his wild-eyes.

No snowpark in La Grave but les 2 Alpes isn't far and when he's not in the indoor skatepark in Briancon, he's in les 2's park tearing it up on the rails and kickers. And then there's La Grave.. big cliffs, steep.. Deep pow, vaste open  terrain. Danger is everywhere, surprises can be good or bad.. Snow can be light or icy..

Making a board for J.Louis, that bears his name, has to take in all of that. Precision and durability, fun and engagement, all that crowned with the first desire of this board: to be the best machine possible to fly in all kinds of powder. We are honored to present... The Saint Arneault 165.

  • Size: 165
  • Core: poplar / ash / carbon
  • Base: Ptex 4000
  • Edge: 10°/45°
  • Camber: flat / double rocker
  • Flex: hard
  • Width: 26,7
  • Sidecut: 10,4m
  • Set Back: 0
  • Max Stance: 70
  • Wide available : 47 max boots





Premium quality - Garantied 2 years

All our boards are made with the best materials available.

Wood Cores

All our cores are ash / carbon / poplar. The mix of woods is the best soul for a board to have. It insures the longevity of its nerve more than any other materials, assembled with carbon it gets amazing reactivity...

PTEX4000 Bases

All our bases are ptex4000, the densest material used in skis and snowboards providing the best sliding quality on the market. Even a waxed basic base doesn't slide as well as a no waxed ptex4000 base.

Rock solid

The metallic tips at the extremities of certain models built and incorporated into the core of the board in order to be fixed on and unbreakable. You can hit your board on the floor to quit the snow off without breaking the tip...

The last touch

All our boards top sheets are finished with a shiny UV-resistant varnish that protects the deco and makes it pop. The sidewalls are manufactured at a 10/45° angle that allies robustness and a premium quality last touch ...

Fried Egg Camber

The banana part between the feet and the camber proportions are very pronounced. Ergo even though the board is very flexible, it's very nervous and dynamic on the slope, good support while carving with speed for a soft board. The reverse banana gets the board out and on top of pow in a click and puts you in freestyle mode as soon as your two feet are strapped in.

Chouing Flex

Using the best wood, ash and poplar together, we get a supple and nervous core that resists through time. Then playing with the cambers, the result was mind-blowing, you can bend them in every way and still POP like crazy.


To never get engulfed by powder. It's a peninsula. We redesigned the nose and tail of a "classic" board to get the buoyancy of a pure powder board without playing with the size of the sidecut. The base stays identical which is why our boards are so manœuvrable!

Karate Core

Poplar and ash core completed with strips of non woven carbon. These strips of carbon are disposed so to absorb the wasted energy from the nose, to channel it and put it into the tail. The more you accelerate the more it dynamises.

Get High Camber

Flat camber tonified by a tiny classic camber, prolonged at the extremities by two rockers. It's the perfect camber to glide in powder bringing tolerance and tenderness to the board that will forgive many a mistakes in all manœuvres on hard pack.

No Core

The NO CORE is a carbon framework married to the wood core working in the direction of the arrows. The NO CORE stabilises the soul of the board with resolution, between the bindings, offering a certain serenity at high speed and in varied terrain. The extremities of the board win in tonicity and keep their supple torsion to not exclude that feeling we are looking for.

Mixtic Camber

Banana between the feet and slight classic camber sections under foot. The size of the board, married with with the Mixtic Camber gives a perfect combo for sustained flex. Thanks to the banana between your feet you gain in freestyle manœuvres, Ollies, presses... And be afloat pow in a blink. The small classic camber sections, while keeping the smoothness and tolerance of the banana, gives back in nerve and grip for pop and carving.


One tooth biting the snow, the side edge stays smooth everywhere else for a better sliding sensation. Our vision of wavy edges gives crazy grip, all while keeping a wonderful feel of the snow.

Wide Coco Tech

WIDE COCO Technology allows us to build cores with augmented torsion. The width of a board plays on its reactive side, on the speed of getting from edge to edge. We chose to make the ASTERO in wide and extra wide, for that wide pleasure its with the WIDE COCO Tech that we give the best torsion, so that width is no disadvantage for edge to edge.

Sub Sheet

We replaced the topsheet with Ptex4000, the best material for base, now snow evacuates little by little on your way back up. It's a great help for getting those runs all day. Going down, you feel the board going through powder like a fish through water: the board avoids any grippy snow.

Secure Eyes

Simple system to lock your board in place. Becomes just like a simple board

Fonky Core

We created a carbon central spine similar to a fish skeleton to get a playful and poppy core. The board is soft in flex and torsion, while the Fonky Core balances the torsion on the whole length of the board to offer good control in carving and when strong pressure is inflicted in flat tricks or landing from jumps.